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Why You Need A Website

Improving Your Cornish

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Website Details And Creation

We are a dedicated team of marketing experts with a focus on digital marketing, based here in sunny Cornwall. Through digital marketing, we are dedicated to cohesive branding and unique brand recognition development.


We also specialise in web design, e-commerce, search engine optimisation, and application development, and Goggle Ads Management. We can meet your digital marketing needs with exceptional results, give us a try!. Our goal is to improve your conversion rates and achieve the best ROI for your brand. 

Digital marketing is highly important particularly if you are selling online, or are using a woo-commerce platform here in Cornwall.

SEO Cornwall

Our search engine optimisation (SEO) expertise allows us to utilise Google Adsense and Google searches to help maximise your conversions. We are highly knowledgeable in Google Adsense in creating top-notch, high-ranking, click-worthy Google Advertisements. We research to help you find the most searched for keywords. Using only top-rated keywords for Google searches and Google advertisements that match directly to your website, we will get you the results and clicks you need. 

Cornish Marketing Planning Services

Before we delve into your custom marketing plan and budget creation, we will take the time to research your current consumer data, click-thru and conversion rates, browsing times, any current or past advertisements, brand cohesion, and your current website design. It helps us to be able to see where your digital marketing is lacking so we can help to improve it, most Cornish companies don’t have a marketing budget.

Low-Cost Digital Services

We will work together to create an estimate and a budget that matches the approved marketing estimate. No matter how big or small your budget, we will use our marketing expertise to drive your targeted audience to you and get your results. We will start with your budget and from there we can outline a plan to back-end search engine optimise your website, or create your website from scratch if needed. Then we will work out a united and cohesive branding image that will work with digital marketing. Once we have your website search engine optimised, we can begin ad designs and keyword matching. 

Email Marketing Services 

E-mail marketing can also be an easy and cost-effective way to maximise your reach and stay relevant to your targeted audience. Drip email campaigns are especially important for both current and future clients. Through email marketing, we can help you design templates that are on-brand and show you how to create email advertisements for your products and services. We can help you set up drip e-mail campaigns that will be opened by your targeted audience and subscribers. 

Improving Your Existing Cornish Website

If you have an existing website, we will help brainstorm ideas with you to revamp your site with an updated look and feel. When your website has a current look and user-friendly appeal, you will get more conversions on your click-thru rate. Having a user-friendly website makes it easy for consumers to learn about your services and products. It also makes it easier for them to purchase and check-out if you have an e-commerce site. Websites that are not intuitive to the consumer will have a short browsing time and fewer conversions.

Improving User Experience

We seek to provide a great user experience. We are current and up-to-date on all of the latest marketing trends, advertising and website development techniques, such as using video development and services We will develop and create a unique, creative website for you that will get you great conversions. We want you to get a great return on your investment with us so that you continue to use us to build your business. We also offer E-mail marketing services, Hyperlink, back Link services for your Website.

Our goal is to help you capture new customers and retain great relationships with your past and current customers through our web development and marketing techniques.

Why do you need a website? 

Half of today’s daily interactions are done online. Our culture is quickly adapting to social media marketing and online purchasing and research to save time and money. The world has broadened its communication levels from simple face-to-face communication to quick, faceless digital communication. Our branding expertise and website design will help give a face to your company. We will find the right online marketing space for your services and products to get the best ROI and consumer conversions. 

What should you expect when working with us? 

Once you contact us, we will begin to work immediately for you, and a free visit to your Cornish company to gather info, from then we will prepare and send you a quick survey with your basic marketing requirements, goals, current website URL, and branding needs. This helps us to research what your current marketing level is and how we can improve on it. We need to know your branding details in order to colour match and develop a cohesive, easily recognisable brand logo, font, and colour scheme for you. 

Website Design

After you submit your information survey, we will develop an estimate and budget for the work needed. We will also suggest any additional marketing that may be needed to further develop your brand. If you approve, then we will move forward with initial designs and work. When we develop the budget, we will also create a timeline breakdown for each marketing project for approval. Depending on the complexity of the work required, expect about two to four weeks for project completion.

Marketing Content 

We will need all content submitted digitally and submitted before work begins so that we can review all content beforehand. The more content, the better, since this helps us to trigger more relevant keywords for SEO. If you need help finding content to use for your digital marketing or website, compare similar companies and figure out what content you like and do not like from their marketing tools. We also offer copywriting services to bulk up your content and keyword matching. 

Images For Your Website

We will need all images submitted digitally and prior to work starting. Images should include any current logos, product photography, or generic images to be used in your marketing plan. All images should be high resolution and web-optimised. Images should also be re-touched and edited prior to submission. If you need images, we can provide stock images and a small fee. We can also provide a photographer for quality product photography if needed.

Website Details And Creation

For your website, we recommended using a common search phrase rather than your company name as your domain URL. This helps with search engine optimisation and keyword targeting. It will also improve your rankings on search engine websites such as Google. You can have both your company name and a common search phrase for your company as your domain and sync them together for the best results. This would mean having one website domain drive to the other. That would improve searches for both your company name and branding and also for your products and services. 

If you already have a domain name, we will need access to the server for our work. If you do not yet have a domain set up, we can help you set this up and offer our help and suggestions on domain URL names to purchase. Additionally, we also can provide web hosting for your site

Need Help?


If you are trading online in Cornwall, or you hoping to get online we can help.

Webdesign is the design of a website, or build a new website, you will find during this process there is a lot more to consider such as SEO, on-page website optimisation, and the navigation of the website.

Thinking of a web design agency responsible for the web site you see online, a web site development agency, or company is responsible for the site you use while online. Web development service deals with the functionality of your website and makes the designed pages work properly 

Here are some  Inspiring Websites to Generate New Website Design Ideas

This one is Awwwards.com this website gives out awards for web designers developers, and agencies all around the world great website

Web design-Inspiration.com a great website  It’s a gallery of finished web design 

Another good website SiteInspire.com

This one is full of great looks OnePageLove.com

A good website Dribbble.com

One of the best websites Behance.net.


Building your own website is tricky but these 6 simple steps to create a website 

Firstly sign up for a free website builder. 

Then you can choose what kind of website you want to create and begin

Begin with a customize template or get a website started by a company

You can drag and drop 100 s of design features on line

Begin and get ready for business by getting your info together 

Get on and publish your website and go live out to the world

Begin the job of driving traffic to your site

Web design can help you by creating a new website that will help you business grow online.

A good question, Cornwall web design is building a platform via a website for getting online across Cornwall.

Some of the best things a new website should have 

The website should have an updated, new feel modern design. 

All your Important Business Information

Have a Mobile-Friendly Experience feel to it

Full of Quality Content to see

Lots of Internal Links to each page

Social Media Icons on the home page 

Powerful Visuals that look great

With the world upside down currently its even more important to get online and have a digital profile.

WordPress is an amazing website platform, it also offers a whole range of free services, perfect for a Cornish company.

You will find many website builders out there but we prefer to use the WordPress platform.

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