Avoid Customer Queues

Get back into the swing of business with a low-cost solution that allows your customer to connect with you, and your services fast!

Click And Collect Platform

We support Rhino Online – Full integration service and website creation, which lets you get online fast, all at a low cost.

Allocate Food Delivery Times

After we integrate Rhino Online the facility allows you to allocate collection times to control the flow of customers to your shop. 

What is the Set Up Process?

After you have set up your business account – you are ready to add products, and set up opening times, and pick up times, or we can set all of this up for you!

Receive Online Bookings

Online Payments reduce customer contact speeding up the collection process. Fast reliable local service with minimal disruption to daily procedures.

Low Costs & Super Effective

The cost is a flat fee of just £30 per month, that’s £1 per day! NOTE – that we do not charge a commission on sales, only pay your one-off monthly fee and that’s it! 

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Daily Growing Orders And Rising!
Happy Customers To You.

A Place for everybody to order
Pick up and avoid the crowd


With our Services in Web design, Digital Management, and Rhino Online We can get you up and running in a Flash

Contact Us Today – and see how we can get your online ordering system up and running quickly and with minimal outlay!