Below Is Our Transparent Pricing structure Breakdown

New Website and Management Pricing Structure

We offer the solution to low cost Website Creation, design, and Development across Cornwall and the Southwest. Our Website packages are cost-effectively backed with great expertise in Web Design.

1 Page Creation Website £99 See More >

3 Page Creation Website £149 See More >

5 Page Creation Website £199 See More >

10 Page Creation Website £ 399 See More >

Do you require a Website management service? that’s low cost but fast and effective when you require a task completing. We have found that many customers say they want a quick reaction when it comes to the important task of Website management. We pride ourselves on the speed of delivery with task changes.With a simple flat fee of just £37.50 per hour, any website reconstruction or management can be done quickly.

We offer various types of Website construction services for your Cornish and Southwest company. One page Website with a FREE second page is very popular, with the most popular website just a 5-page layout. Other Website sizes are 10 pages, 15 pages, 20 pages with further pages developed at a fixed fee.

Are you looking to sell on line across Cornwall or the South west, or the entire UK? Most e-commerce selling platforms are put together with cost implications in mind, we aim to keep selling on line costs down for our clients, it’s quite easy to get selling online with just a 5-page website, although the average e-commerce set up is between 20-30 pages with a large site setting at 100 pages upwards.

4 Page Creation Website £499 

7-10 Page Creation Website £849

15 Page Creation Website £1,300

20 Page Creation Website £ 2,099