Hows your Cornish Website performing? how do you know if its performing well? We can look into its performance for you, check its CTR – { click through rate } how many visitors per day, do they stay , which pages get visited the most:

If you suspect that yourCornish WordPress website Or any other website platform is not performing well, or if you know that it is not meeting your business goals, and making you a profit then we recommend conducting a FREE website audit with us.

WordPress site audits particularly help review your website’s performance, optimisation,SEO for Cornish customers, security, functionality and much more. Our On The Web IT Specialists audits also include detailed records of our findings, along with actionable recommendations, that will bring your website up to speed, helping you make your website perform the best it can possibly can.

Our FREE Website audits can be tailored to specific issues or requirements, but most include at least the following during the Audit.

  • Cornish Website Traffic analysis
  • Cornwall Ranking,Cornish Website domain authority and page authority to Cornwall.
  • Indelibility for UK
  • Speed and performance of your UK website
  • Link analysis – and Broken links
  • Search engine optimisation, SEO for UK
  • Security and vulnerability Website Check
  • Readability for the user

So for a free check simply drop us a line and we will look into things for you